• Monster Truck Podcast - Episode 14

    Monster Truck Podcast – Episode14

    The month of October was a busy one for ourselves and the Monster Truck industry with plenty of events and action to discuss. Join Robby Haught and Dustin Hart as they run down the month that was in Monster Trucks with recaps from recent Monster Jam stadium stops in Glendale, Indianapolis and … [Read More...]

  • Monster Truck Podcast - Episode 13

    Monster Truck Podcast – Episode 13

    After a little hiatus the Monster Truck Podcast returns for episode 13. In this episode we take some time to talk about some recent events since our last episode. We also take some time to look at and discuss the careers of two legendary figures in the sport, Dennis Anderson and Gary Porter. Along … [Read More...]

  • Sean Duhon - Monster Truck Podcast 12

    Monster Truck Podcast Episode 12 – Sean Duhon

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  • Bryce Kenny - Monster Truck Podcast Episode 11

    Monster Truck Podcast Episode 11 – Bryce Kenny

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  • Dirt Crew Crowned 2017 King of the Beach

    The 2017 Monsters On The Beach weekend would prove to be one of the most grueling weekend's of events in recent history with eight trucks battling each other and the elements for the title. The 20th annual edition of the event saw unprecedented mechanical carnage over the weekend and turned into a … [Read More...]

Black Stallion/Iron Warrior Update

Black StallionTrey Myers of Iron Warrior was kind enough to speak with AllMonster today and update us on what is going on with the Black Stallion and Iron Warrior trucks. “It looks like Iron Warrior and Black Stallion will be a unit for the winter season and travel to all the shows together,” said Myers. “I will probably be doing most of the driving, and Glenn Bowlin may still drive occasionally also.”

The team has been working on a variety of things, including a new race truck for Vaters. Myers said Team Black Stallion and Iron Warrior hope to be competing at a lot of Thunder Nationals and small Monster Jam shows as well. Look for more from Myers soon; he will be the subject of our next Monster Profile, and there will be plenty more new information there! AllMonster.com would like to thank Trey for taking time out to talk with us.

Barthel Tricks, Dennis Treats in Montreal; Tv News!

Dennis Anderson in Grave Digger won the racing portion of Olympic Stadium’s Monster Jam in Montreal yesterday, beating Lupe Soza’s El Toro Loco in the finals. Brian Barthel took the freestyle victory with a career performance, scoring a 30 with two long power wheelies during his run. Phil Foster barrel rolled Maximum Destruction during his round one win over Guy Wood in Hot Wheels, but returned for freestyle and rolled again. Five of ten trucks rolled overall in freestyle, including War Wizard, Grave Digger, Maximum Destruction, Avenger, and Hot Wheels. In related news, Monster Jam will become a regular part of SPEED Channel’s programming very soon. Starting in December and running through February, Monster Jam will be on every weekday at 6 PM!

Happy Halloween

Think your Halloween costume is cool? Check out this one! Sandy Kott sent us this picture of her son all ready for Halloween as Guy Wood’s Bulldozer. Happy Halloween from AllMonster.com!

Englishtown Rundown; Joliet Coverage

Eradicator breaks transmissionGary Porter and Grave Digger 12 won the racing, donut, and freestyle competitions at today’s monster truck event in Englishtown, New Jersey, while Mike Vaters and Black Stallion took the wheelie contest. Andy Slifko’s Eradicator caught on fire after exploding a transmission while performing a donut(see picture above), but both truck and driver were fine. Joliet coverage is also available; enjoy, and thanks for visiting AllMonster.com! (photo courtesy Andrew Palochko)

Anderson On Display!

Dennis Anderson will be making a special appearance at Courtesy Ford in North Carolina tomorrow and Saturday. More information is available HERE, and photographer Dustin Hart will have photos and maybe some extras for AllMonster when he returns!

Dennis Anderson Grave Digger

Dungeon Shots

AllMonster.com’s new photographer, Dustin Hart, recently took a trip to Digger’s Dungeon and was kind enough to give us a few shots.

Monster Profile: Andy Hoffman

Andy Hoffman - Nitemare - Monster Profile

Andy Hoffman got started in monster trucks working for Kirk Dabney, eventually starting out with Steve Hess’ Nitemare truck on the Thunder Nationals circuit. Hoffman now owns and runs Nitemare through many changes and has a new truck in the works. We thank Andy for his time and support.

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Wild Night in Joliet!

Avenger Joliet Freestyle

Route 66 Raceway in Joliet, Illinois played host to some wild action last night. Highlights included Mark Hall winning the racing final against Avenger, John Seasock and Sudden Impact rolling in round one, and Avenger taking a wild ride in freestyle, as illustrated by the photo above! More updates and photos will be available soon!

Road Trip! Oshkosh Available

Rammunition and Sudden ImpactThis weekend AllMonster.com is making the trip to Route 66 Raceway in Joliet, Illinois for what matters-the monsters! Trucks scheduled at the raceway include Raminator, Rammunition, Sudden Impact, Eradicator, Equalizer (in place of Airborne Ranger), Avenger, Brutus, and Wild Hair. More information can be found HERE. Look for updates here first! Photos from Oshkosh, Wisconsin are also available in our photo gallery.

Monster Profile: Andy Slifko

Andy Slifko - Eradicator - AllMonster.com Monster Profile

Andy Slifko got started in monster trucks in 1998 with the former Toyzilla chassis, naming his truck “Eradicator.” In 1999 Slifko debuted a new Patrick chassis and it runs as the current Eradicator. Slifko was kind enough to do an interview with us recently; we thank him for his generosity and support.

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