Name: Robert Haught
Phone Number: 513-383-9293
Hometown: Park Hills, Kentucky
Specialties: Founder, Photographer, Columnist, Web Design, Graphic Design, Crew work, Videography…you name it, we’ll do it.
Favorite drivers are: Too many to list, but if I had to pick a driver to run any time, anywhere, it would be Charlie Pauken.
Quote:  “Monster trucks are a lifelong passion of mine, and I’m sincerely grateful to have a chance to share that passion with others. We will continue to provide unbiased coverage of everything monster trucks. Thank you for your support.”


Name: Dustin Hart
Hometown: Nags Head, North Carolina
Specialties: Photography, Web Design, and my flowing locks
Favorite drivers are: Carl VanHorn, Charlie Pauken, Adam Anderson, Ryan Anderson, Jon Zimmer, Jeremy Slifko, Steve Sims, Morgan Kane, Paul Cohen
Quote: “ZING!

Name: Ed Hoormann
Hometown: St Louis, Missouri
Specialties: Web design, Photographer, Videographer, Reporter, Btl Co-host, crew work.
Favorite drivers are: Jim Kramer, Jon Zimmer, Carl VanHorn, Derick Anson, Larry Swim and Dan Runte.
“Go big or go home live it to its fullest”

Name: Jeremy “The Dude” Puglisi
Hometown: Wheeling, Wv
Specialties: Photography, Public Relations, Web Coding, Audio engineer
Favorite drivers are: Marc McDonald, CVH, Dan Patrick, Trey Myers
Quote: “If you don’t change the normal you never have the cutting edge” – Lyle Hancock 


Name: Josh Rhodes
Hometown: Ramsey, IL
Specialties: Photos, Interviews, Articles
Favorite drivers are: Dennis Anderson, Pablo Huffaker, Charlie Pauken, Jon Zimmer, Rod Litzau, Steve Wilkie, Mark Hall, Jim Koehler, Jeremy Slifko, Frank Krmel, Damon Bradshaw, and Dale Earnhardt
“We turned her over, shes over. . .Thats what the people want, thats what they got, and i got a tore up truck!” Dennis Anderson.

Name: Steve Parry
Hometown: East Greenbush, NY
Specialties: Photographer, Reporter, Coverage
Favorite drivers are: The Andersons, Andy and Jeremy Slifko, Charlie Pauken, Steve Sims, Jim Koehler
Quote: “Thank you to all the drivers, teams, and promoters for everything they do to make this motorsport truly exciting and unique!”

Kyle Carr

AOL Instant Messenger-snowjunki46

Photographer, Videographer, Reporter


Name: Chris Kaelin
Hometown: Granite city, il
Specialties: Photos, BTL contributor and occasional host
Favorite drivers are: Dan Runte, Dennis Anderson, Tom Meents, Mark Hall, Jon Zimmer
Quote: From Steve Jobs, “Stay hungry, stay foolish”


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