Starting Line: A Look at the First Month of Monster Jam in 2014

(Photos By: Jeremy Verret and Josh Rhodes)

(Photos By: Jeremy Verret and Josh Rhodes)

Welcome back to Starting Line! It has been a fantastic first month of monster trucks, and we’ve had photographers all over the place getting YOU the best coverage in the sport. What follows are some thoughts on the first month of the 2014 monster truck season: [Read More …]

The Home Stretch – Monster Truck Storylines and Thoughts

It’s hard to believe, but we’re already in March for the monster truck season! There are a lot of interesting storylines to pick and choose from. Here are some quick things I’ve seen over the first two months of the season that could spur some interesting discussion:

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Monster Jam’s Young Guns Shootout – What’s the Deal?

When I first heard Monster Jam announcer Scott Douglass begin talking about the Young Guns Shootout in Las Vegas, I wondered just what the deal was. What trucks would be in Vegas, when would they compete…basically, I wondered what the deal was! The previews continued until the big announcement on Monster Jam’s Facebook that it would be a competition on Friday night during the Double Down event, and a couple competitors have already been announced. Congratulations are in order to Bari Musawwir (Spider-Man) and Scott Buetow (Iron Man) for making the cut. Since that leaves us with six trucks, I wanted to throw out a few names I noticed that fit Monster Jam’s criteria of two years or less with Monster Jam and are not competing in the World Finals (of course, some competitors are up in the air, so I’ve kept that in mind):

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Messy in Miami Monster Jam

“What a muddy mess!” This was the first thought that came to mind when I arrived to check out the Miami Monster Jam, and it ended up being the theme of the night. The Monster Jam dirt crews worked feverishly to give the drivers the best conditions possible, but ultimately, Mother Nature always wins. The drivers rose to the challenge and still turned out a tremendous show, but it was not without some controversy at the end.

miami monster jam

It was a muddy mess at the Miami Monster Jam before the show.

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What a Week in Tampa!

Hey guys, welcome back to Starting Line. It was another great week on the “I Love Florida” Tour, and the second time around in Tampa was just as sweet. I’ll keep it short and sweet with some bullet points this time; we were recording a brand new Beyond the Lens podcast and getting our 2012 monster truck photo galleries online this week:

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Orlando and January in Monster Trucks

tom meents maximum destruction new orleans

Tom Meents continues to wow in Maximum Destruction, and teammates Neil Elliott and Kreg Christensen won this weekend as well. (photo: Jeremy Verret)

The last weekend in January for monster trucks proved every bit as exciting as the promise, with several shows enjoying what I call defining moments–those ones where you’re just happy to be a monster truck fan and realize you’re seeing something special. A lot of these moments were provided by the Maximum Destruction team, with all three drivers–Tom Meents, Neil Elliott, and Kreg Christensen–picking up sweeps on the weekend. [Read More …]

To Run Like the Best…Monster Truck Freestyle

When I was speaking to Jeremy Slifko of the Backdraft team this past week, he told me something very interesting that made me think about freestyle–“Sometimes, to run like the best, you’ve gotta crash like the best.” What Jeremy meant was not, “I have to wreck my truck to win,” because that’s never what he or most teams are about. The point Jeremy brings up is the risk-taking mentality of monster truck freestyle that is a necessity in order to get a win, particularly on the larger stages in the sport.

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Atlanta Shows Promise of 2012 Monster Truck Season

Atlanta Monster Jam 2012What a week in monster trucks! Several interesting storylines developed out of week two of the 2012 monster truck season, and I’ll be talking about the event I had the priviledge of attending—Atlanta, Georgia’s Monster Jam.
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2012 Monster Trucks – Week One In the Books!

Starting Line - Hot WheelsWelcome to the all-new! I am excited beyond belief that we finally have the redesign of the site online (special thanks go out to Ed Hoormann and Dustin Hart, who worked around the clock with me to make it happen), and just in time for what turned out to be an awesome first weekend in 2012 for monster trucks. I’ll be bringing everyone regular content and columns in 2012; Starting Line is back for good! Let’s get right to some of the highlights. [Read More …]

Five Teams to Watch-First Quarter 2009

Starting Line
Robert Haught

“Five Teams to Watch-First Quarter 2009”-December 31, 2008     

Welcome back, everyone! We have some big things planned for 2009 here at AllMonster, and before I get started, I would like to thank each and every person that has checked out the site over the years; it’s been a joy, and we are here because of you!

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