• Monster Truck Podcast Episode 16

    Monster Truck Podcast – Episode 16 – Fan Questions and Answers

    Following up on yesterday's podcast, we bring you Episode 16 of the Monster Truck Podcast. This episode is mostly about questions asked by you the fans. You guys have taken the time to listen to us and asked us for our input on some subjects so this episode is dedicated to getting some answers to … [Read More...]

  • Monster Truck Podcast Episode 15

    Monster Truck Podcast – Episode 15

    It's the holiday season and that means first quarter is right around the corner and the Monster Truck Podcast is back with episode 15 to look ahead to the 2018 season. We also discuss the unveiling of the brand new The Black Pearl Monster Truck piloted by Cole Venard as well as what to expect from … [Read More...]

  • Monster Truck Podcast - Episode 14

    Monster Truck Podcast – Episode14

    The month of October was a busy one for ourselves and the Monster Truck industry with plenty of events and action to discuss. Join Robby Haught and Dustin Hart as they run down the month that was in Monster Trucks with recaps from recent Monster Jam stadium stops in Glendale, Indianapolis and … [Read More...]

  • Monster Truck Podcast - Episode 13

    Monster Truck Podcast – Episode 13

    After a little hiatus the Monster Truck Podcast returns for episode 13. In this episode we take some time to talk about some recent events since our last episode. We also take some time to look at and discuss the careers of two legendary figures in the sport, Dennis Anderson and Gary Porter. Along … [Read More...]

  • Sean Duhon - Monster Truck Podcast 12

    Monster Truck Podcast Episode 12 – Sean Duhon

    The Monster Truck Podcast has returned for episode 12, this time featuring our good friend Sean Duhon. Anytime you get to talk with Duhon its sure to be a good time and that was certainly the case for this episode. We discussed Duhon's transition from his career in law enforcement to driving Monster … [Read More...]

Power Forward on Display


Trevor Andrews sent us some more photos from the Power Forward display in Elizabeth City, North Carolina.

New Bodies, New Engines, Fresh look for Team CSK

Brian Manson of Bounty Hunter and Scarlet Bandit was kind enough to update us on how the team has been doing and what is in its plans for 2005. He also included some photos, available at the link below. We thank Brian and team Bounty Hunter/Scarlet Bandit for their support.

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Benefits and Warmer Weather

Dustin Hart and  of AllMonster thought he’d remind those of us in colder climates that there is warmer weather out there. Click the link below for pictures from the Steve Rainwater benefit.


Catching Up with War Wizard


Scott Bryant was kind enough to send us an interview he did with Randy Moore of War Wizard Racing.  We thank Scott, Randy, and the entire War Wizard team for their time.

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Eradicator Rebuild Photo

Andrew Palochko was kind enough to send us a few photos of the Eradicator race team’s rebuild; thanks Andrew!

LIL’ Wild Hair

AllMonster.com spoke with Jason Witte of Wild Hair tonight and he had some great news for us. His wife, Juli, has given birth to the family’s first child (a girl). Charley Breean Witte was born on Monday, December 6, at 1:59 PM. Mother, baby, and family are doing well and AllMonster.com would like to congratulate the Witte family!

Big News From Nitemare!

Andy Hoffman and team Nitemare are gearing up for 2005 in a big way–with a brand new truck! Hoffman Motorsports was kind enough to send us some pictures of the new truck during testing and a press release also. Read more below!

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More news from Team Predator

AllMonster.com’s newest Monster Profile with Allen Pezo is now available for viewing. Pezo talked about his success this season, his future in the sport, and much more. Enjoy! Scott Bryant’s article on Team Predator is still available in the News Archives section of the site.

AllMonster.com would like to thank Allen and Diane Pezo for their time and support.

Monster Profile: Allen Pezo

Allen Pezo was kind enough to give us his time for interviews with Scott Bryant and Robert Haught. Scott’s recent article on AllMonster with Allen includes a great deal of information on Pezo’s trucks and history. Allen also asked us to let the fans know that www.predatorracinginc.com is being redesigned and will be fully functional soon. We thank Allen for his time and courtesy. [Read More …]

Predator Racing Times Two!

Scott Bryant was kind enough to send us an interview with Allen and Diane Pezo of Predator Racing.

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