Monster Profile: Allen Pezo

Allen Pezo was kind enough to give us his time for interviews with Scott Bryant and Robert Haught. Scott’s recent article on AllMonster with Allen includes a great deal of information on Pezo’s trucks and history. Allen also asked us to let the fans know that is being redesigned and will be fully functional soon. We thank Allen for his time and courtesy.

Robert Haught – Thanks for taking the time out with us, Allen. Since you have a three truck team right now, are there any plans for expansion to a fourth truck?

Allen Pezo – There are thoughts of it. I can’t say right now whether it’ll materialize or not; I’ve thought of doing another one, but we’ve got our hands full right now with three trucks and the Predator ride truck. The ones we have now keep us plenty busy. If I did build a new state of the art truck, I would want mine to be totally different from what everyone else has got. I have a lot of ideas I’d like to try on it if I did do it.

RH – What do you see freestyle becoming in five years?

AP – I think they’ve gotten to the point where it’s been elevated so high that the trucks can’t handle it. To me, some of the stuff they’re doing is ridiculous. Taking a good piece of equipment and totally destroying it. I don’t want any part of that.

RH – We noticed that Ron Nelson is no longer driving for you. Do you have any new drivers coming up, or will you stick with who you have right now?

AP – We actually still have enough drivers, but we had to hire another driver because one of my guys couldn’t get out of work to drive all the time. There are possibilities that Ron may come back and drive for us part-time; we left on good terms and there are no bad feelings. It was just that we are trying to take care of our guys that were here before him.

RH – You’ve been around since 1983. Are you still feeling good physically, and are you still enjoying doing this? Where will we see Allen Pezo in the future?

AP – Oh yeah, definitely! I still enjoy it and I feel fine. I have no plans on going anywhere. There is talk of things on the horizon that I’m really excited about, so I’m looking forward to those things.

RH – In Scott Bryant’s recent interview with you at the Nashville Monster Jam, he mentioned that your wife Diane said you’d won about 80 percent of the time this winter in races. How do you react to that?

AP – That’s right. We don’t always get noticed, but I don’t let it bother me. In Nashville we were in the finals two out of three nights I believe.

RH – Are there any of those things you could share with us at this time?

AP – Well, there’s actually two more racing series that are in talks right now. Whether or not they’ll materialize, we haven’t heard, but there is talk of things happening for the 2005 season.

RH – One of those series may be the MTRS. What about the other?

AP – I can’t really say a whole lot on the other one, but MTRS is one of them.

RH – For that series, it seems to be a “wait and see” thing for some drivers.

AP – Right. There’s not a whole lot of information that’s been told about it, but from what I have heard, it’ll be a pretty interesting deal. We’re just in the waiting stage of it like everyone else is, trying to figure out what will happen.

RH – Is there anything else you’d like to add or tell the fans?

AP – We greatly appreciate all the support we’ve had over the years, and we’re just gonna keep on doing what we’ve been doing and try to keep the fans pleased. thanks Allen and Diane Pezo for their support.

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