Monster Profile: Lee O’Donnell

Lee O'Donnell - Iron Man - Monster Profile

Lee O’Donnell is an accomplished off-road racer who is known for being able to drive almost anything with an engine, specializing in short-course off-road racing, and now monster trucks. O’Donnell made his debut in 2001, took a break to go back to off-road racing, then returned as a “super sub” of sorts, winning a big race in Atlanta filling in for Linsey Weenk in Blue Thunder. After several successful fill-in roles, Lee was back to driving monster trucks. He is also known for his colorful personality and open, honest, and humorous interviews. After bouncing around to several teams in the industry to begin his career, Lee has settled into the role of the main driver for the Iron Man truck. Josh Rhodes and Ed Hoormann caught up with Lee in St. Louis, Missouri before the show to get his thoughts on a wide variety of subjects, including the Monster Jam World Finals. We thank Lee and Brenda O’Donnell for their time. [Read More …]

Monster Profile: Dennis Anderson

Dennis Anderson - Grave Digger - Monster ProfileLast month in St. Louis our own Josh Rhodes got the chance to interview Dennis Anderson. The two covered a wide variety of subjects ranging from his future in the sport, past and present competitors, and track design. [Read More …]

Monster Profile: Jon Zimmer

Jon Zimmer Amsoil Shock Therapy Monster Profile

Jon Zimmer is the recipient of Monster Jam’s 2009 “Rising Star” award, given to the driver the voters feel is poised for a breakout season. Though Zimmer says he had “no clue” he was receiving the award, other drivers and fans alike have been buzzing about the Rutland, Vermont native’s abilities behind the wheel of the AMSOIL Shock Therapy. Zimmer was kind enough to speak with AllMonster recently. We thank him for his time. [Read More …]

Monster Profile: Jimmy Creten

Jimmy Creten - Bounty Hunter - Monster Profile

Jimmy Creten is one of the most successful and skilled drivers in the monster truck industry. He has appeared in seven of the nine Monster Jam World Finals events and heads a three-truck team called 2Xtreme Racing out of Tonganoxie, Kansas. Jimmy has done multiple interviews for us in the past, and is always a pleasure to have on the site. Josh Rhodes caught up with Jimmy for a quick interview after a summer show. [Read More …]

Monster Profile: Aaron Cromer

Aaron Cromer is one of the first “internet guys” to make it to the driver’s seat of a monster truck. 2008 is his rookie season behind the wheel of Anger Management, and he was a candidate for the USHRA’s Rookie of the Year award. The owner of sat down with Robert Haught for a quick interview during a break in the summer season to give us his thoughts. We appreciate his time.

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Monster Profile: Tom Meents

Tom Meents - Maximum Destruction - Monster Profile

Recently Josh Rhodes spoke with Tom Meents about the progression of monster truck racing, his early years in the sport, and the incident from Jacksonville in 2005 with Jim Jack and Reptoid.

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Monster Profile: Bigfoot Creator Bob Chandler

Bob Chandler - Bigfoot - Monster Profile

A few months back Josh Rhodes sat down with Bob Chandler (Owner and creator of the Bigfoot monster truck team) to discuss the teams future plans, Chandler’s thoughts on the state of the industry and the history of the sport.

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Monster Profile: Chris Bergeron

Chris Bergeron - Brutus - Monster ProfileChris Bergeron is best known for some of the most outrageous moves in the sport of monster truck racing. From the cartwheel flip earlier in 2006 at the Georgia Dome to the nosedive he had during World Finals 6 freestyle in Las Vegas, Bergeron has taken many a rough landing. He and teammate Jim Koehler (Avenger) are known for their wild style on the track, especially during freestyle. Bergeron was kind enough to take a few minutes with Josh Rhodes for an interview at the Indianapolis Jamboree. [Read More …]

Monster Profiles: Jim Koehler – Avenger

Jim Koehler - Avenger - Monster Profile

Jim Koehler is a veteran of the monster truck industry who started in the industry owning a monster truck dedicated to his father, who raced dragsters under the same name, to winning the 2003 Freestyle World Championship. His two-truck team also includes Chris Bergeron’s Brutus. “Mr. Excitement” is known for his wild freestyles and personality, and is constantly running Avenger and Brutus all over the nation as an independent. Koehler is currently working on a new chassis for Avenger, and was kind enough to take time out and speak with us. We thank him for his time. [Read More …]

Monster Profile: Randy Brown

Randy Brown - Grave Digger - Monster Profile

Randy Brown sat down with AllMonster recently and was kind enough to give us some great insight on many aspects of monster truck racing. Before racing monster trucks, Brown was involved in pulling with his father and has always been involved in motor sports of some sort. We thank Brown for his time and courtesy. [Read More …]