Monster Truck Podcast – Episode 15

Monster Truck Podcast Episode 15

It’s the holiday season and that means first quarter is right around the corner and the Monster Truck Podcast is back with episode 15 to look ahead to the 2018 season. We also discuss the unveiling of the brand new The Black Pearl Monster Truck piloted by Cole Venard as well as what to expect from this duo heading into the new year. We also recap some recent events including the Minneapolis Monster Jam at US Bank Stadium.

A huge thank you to everyone for continuing to tune and follow the Monster Truck Podcast. We’ve had some great feedback and some great questions asked in the comments so in our next edition of the podcast we’ll be answering a few questions and discussing those answers. Be on the look out for Episode 16 to go live tomorrow. As always we love the feed back so feel free to leave us a comment here or on the YouTube video. Make sure you follow us on social media by liking or following us on our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts for the latest on the Monster Truck Podcast as well as the Monster Truck industry in general. Want to know exactly when the newest Monster Truck Podcast episodes drop? Then you have to subscribe to the podcast right here at or on YouTube, iTunes and the Google Play store. Thanks once again and be on the look out for Episode 16 tomorrow. Until then grab yourself your favorite burrito and watch some slap wheelies!

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