The Home Stretch – Monster Truck Storylines and Thoughts

It’s hard to believe, but we’re already in March for the monster truck season! There are a lot of interesting storylines to pick and choose from. Here are some quick things I’ve seen over the first two months of the season that could spur some interesting discussion:

Career Years

Alex Blackwell and Neil Elliot are having the best seasons of their careers in Wolverine and Maximum Destruction, respectively, made even more impressive by the fact that both drivers are in new chassis for the 2012 season. Elliot is on a tear and I feel that he should be in the World Finals, no matter what truck he ends up in. Should he get in, watch out! Blackwell is already headed to Vegas and has the Wolverine identity going strong once again. Like Elliot, he is a well-balanced threat to win any competition he enters. Look for more of the same in March and heading into Vegas from these two.

Young Guns

The new driver roster in monster truck racing is certainly crowded now, but I don’t remember a time it was more crowded with talent either. From Adam and Ryan Anderson to Morgan Kane to relative newcomers like Donald Epidendio, the young guns of the sport are stepping right in and getting the job done. Everyone hears about the Andersons (as well they should), but Kane has won at least one competition at nearly every event this year in the second Stone Crusher monster truck, while Epidendio has had strong performances all over the place and taken his fair share of wins also. I am excited to see the Young Guns Shootout in Las Vegas this year after seeing the week-to-week results of the newcomers this year.


I see nothing but good things for the future as far as talent in the sport. Not only have the young guns stepped up, I am seeing veteran drivers like Chad Fortune and George Balhan have career years as well. The equipment can take a beating moreso than ever before, and many drivers are more comfortable behind the wheel as a result. I’d be hard-pressed to pick a standout person to win in Vegas in either competition, and that’s not always been the case in the past.


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