Eradicator Makes Stunning Return and More!

New Hampshire wins for EradicatorAndy Slifko of the Eradicator monster truck has had an interesting past couple of weeks, and it culminated in him winning four of eight competitions in Manchester, New Hampshire, just five days after his hauler (and nearly his truck!) was destroyed in a fire. Team Eradicator was kind enough to send us a press release on all those happenings, and it is available below (photo courtesy Andrew Palochko, 

Slifko Avenges Disaster, Claims Wins in New Hampshire  

Also, has just returned from three shows in three nights at Kansas City, and hopes to have more from there and a few other surprises as soon as possible!

Eradicator Trailer Relief Fund

monster truck and have teamed up to form the Eradicator Trailer Relief Fund, available at the link above. We accept PayPal and mail donations, so everyone should be able to help Andy and the Eradicator team’s cause. We hope that you will be able to, and encourage you to visit the link above. Large and small donations are accepted; we thank you for your time, and hope to present Andy with a check when the fund is over!

Also, we were able to contact Andy last night and he was in good spirits.

“It makes me feel good to be a part of this industry after all the support I’ve had in the past few days,” he said. “My phone has been ringing off the hook. People like (Tom) Meents, The Hall Brothers, the Grave Digger guys, FK Rod Ends, and a lot more have pulled together and helped me out, and I really appreciate it.” will be hitting the road tomorrow morning for three shows from Kansas City, and also hopes to have coverage from Greensboro, North Carolina, Columbus, Ohio, and San Diego, California within the same weekend!

A Letter From Andy Slifko

eradicator monster truck trailer fireAndy Slifko and the entire Eradicator team have suffered a great loss; they took the time to send us this letter explaining it all:

Dear fans, drivers, event officials, sponsors, promoters, and friends:

It seems that luck is just not on our side this year.  It seems funny to say
that the two transmissions we’ve blown up in the last two weeks are now the
least of our worries.

We were coming home from the Pontiac show on Sunday morning when I felt a
trailer tire blow out.  When we went back to see it, we noticed some flames.
The trailer caught fire.  Two fire extinguishers, a ton of snow, and all the
Pepsis we had couldn’t stop the fire from spreading.

Several minutes later, a gentleman in a pickup truck stopped to help.  We were
able to hook the monster truck to his pickup and pull it out of the trailer.
It suffered minimal body damage.  Unfortunately, it was the only thing we were
able to salvage.

The fire spread, and it claimed the entire trailer and almost everything in
it.  Four tires and wheels, our Harley-Davidson, all of our parts, toolboxes,
tools, living quarters, and clothes.  Luckily the fire was put out before it
reached the tractor.

We would like to sincerely thank the fine men and women of the Brooksville
Police Department, Brooksville Fire Department, and the Pennsylvania State
Police, all of whom went above and beyond their call of duty in extinguishing
the blaze, cleaning up the mess, and keeping us and the other motorists safe.
We cannot thank them enough, and it was with their help that we can say nobody
was injured in the incident.

This will bring about major changes in our business.  Among the first of these
changes, we’d like to announce the sale of our display monster truck and rig.
It is a turn-key unit, and anyone interested can email me through our website

We will need some time to regroup and reassess our business.  We may be down,
but we are surely not out.  The immediate outpouring of support we received in
the hours following the incident from our friends and competitors is
heartwarming, and it makes us feel lucky to be a part of this business.

Safety is something that many take for granted.  Any truck driver will tell
you that this is his or her worst nightmare.  We are forever grateful for the
gentleman in the pickup truck and the men and women who work everyday to keep
us safe, secure, and healthy.  It is true that without these men and women in
the world, none of us would be able to perform and entertain as we do week in
and week out.

Sincerely yours,

Andy Slifko and the entire Eradicator team

We wish Andy Slifko and the entire team a full recovery from this unfortunate event; he is in our thoughts.

Pontiac Gallery Now Available

monster truck photosPaul Harry was kind enough to send us a short gallery from last night’s Monster Jam in Pontiac, Michigan, and it is now available in the Photos section. Thanks go out to Paul for the photos.

Toronto Saturday Gallery Now Available; Sunday Results

Mike VatersKyle Seden’s photos from Saturday’s Toronto Monster Jam are now available in the Photos section; we thank him for his time. We have just received results from today’s show in Toronto as well. Carl VanHorn drove Grave Digger XIV to another sweep, taking racing over Larry Jaruzel’s Predator, who broke on the starting line. VanHorn rolled the truck after a slap wheelie into a motocross hill on the way to a 29 and the freestyle win as well. Chad Tingler was right behind him in Safe Auto with a 28. More photos from Toronto and updates should be available soon; as always, thank you for visiting

Toronto and Pontiac Updates

Safe Auto Monster TruckReports are coming in fast and furious to First is from the Pontiac Monster Jam, where Norm Miller drove Blue Thunder to the racing victory against Randy Brown and Grave Digger. Brown got revenge in freestyle, however, and posted a perfect 30 to win. Rick Raab pulled double duty, driving his usual American Guardian, but also taking the wheel of Thrasher for the weekend. Raab finished second in freestyle with a 27 and a sideways hit on a van stack on the track.

Next is from Toronto, Ontario, for the debut of Safe Auto (Chad Tingler driving, Monster Profile to come soon!) and more. Tingler rolled the truck in racing, but made it back for freestyle with part of the body missing. We will also have pictures of the new Kicker monster truck (formerly Sudden Impact). Carl VanHorn took a sweep of the first night’s action, defeating Mike Vaters’ Black Stallion in racing and tying with Vaters for the freestyle win. He was judged the outright winner in a cheer off. now open!

monster truck photosSome of you may have noticed Mark Schroeder’s Devastator had decals on the windshield advertising his web site in Atlanta last week. That site is now available at The site is still under construction, but will be finished shortly, and has photos, the truck’s schedule, and more already available. recently took a trip to the home of Devastator; look for a feature on the truck soon, and enjoy the new site!

Predator Starts Strong – Pezo’s Thoughts

Predator Monster was able to reach Allen Pezo of the Predator monster truck for comments about his racing victory this past weekend in Atlanta, Georgia.

“It felt great,” said Pezo. “I definitely gained some confidence; it has been awhile since I won at a televised show.”

The closest Pezo got to that goal last year was a racing final round appearance against Bounty Hunter in Jacksonville, Florida. In Atlanta, Pezo was second only to Dennis Anderson’s Grave Digger in qualifying. Pezo informed us that the team’s site,, is being worked on and that the team is headed to Evansville, Indiana, Tampa Florida, Indianapolis, Indiana, University Park, Pennsylvania, and Minneapolis Minnesota in the coming weeks and months.

“I feel like things are going great now and it’s a good start to the season. I hope to get some more wins by year’s end,” he said.

We thank Allen and the entire Predator/Prowler racing team for their time.

Rochester and Houston Weekend Results

In Rochester, New York’s Thunder Nationals to kick off the new season, Carl VanHorn made his driving debut in Grave Digger XIV and won the Wheelie, Donut, and Freestyle competitions, while Mike Vaters’ Black Stallion won Racing. Reports are that VanHorn scored a 29 in Freestyle and perfect 30’s in Wheelie and Donut, and Vaters and VanHorn both had near vertical sky wheelies in the Wheelie portion.

Night two in Rochester, New York saw more of the same, identical to the first night-Carl VanHorn in Grave Digger XIV won the Wheelie, Donut, and Freestyle competitions, while Mike Vaters’ Black Stallion won racing in the finals against Grave Digger. The Broker (Jim Leahy) and Iron Warrior (Trey Myers) each broke during the Donut contest, with Iron Warrior returning in time for Racing. Ed Eckert’s Full Boar was also in attendance, and spun a solid donut in addition to defeating Vaters’ Black Stallion the previous night.

Reports coming in from the Houston, Texas Monster Jam last night indicate that Tony Farrell’s Blue Thunder took the racing victory, while Lupe Soza and El Toro Loco got the freestyle victory after rolling in racing, shedding the body during his freestyle run. Pablo Huffaker rolled early in his freestyle run and was officially scored a 26, then allowed to restart and continue for the fans, who gave him an “unofficial 30” upon completion of his second run (it was not his official score).
Other reports include Phil Foster (Maximum Destruction) and Chris Bergeron (Brutus) with solid runs and saves in freestyle, and Bounty Hunter knocking a turning pole over, putting himself out of racing. More to come soon from both Houston and Rochester!

In Rochester, New York, the final day of action saw Grave Digger (Carl VanHorn) win the wheelie contest, but break multiple parts in the rear of the truck, putting him out until racing, where Black Stallion took the victory and weekend sweep of that portion of competition.

Black Stallion and Iron Warrior Report

Trey Myers was kind enough to fill us in on what the Black Stallion/Iron Warrior team has been up to lately, and they have been very busy! With the news of the team purchasing the former American Dream chassis, Myers elaborated on what the team’s plans are for it.

“We plan on making that truck an excellent one,” said Myers. “This year is its 16th birthday (the chassis was the former Taurus Racer), and when it was originally built, it was built as the best truck out there. We want to return it to being that.”

Myers also mentioned that the truck is currently in the shop waiting to be powder coated, and that the team will insert new shocks, possibly the same setup as the current Black Stallion, as well as a “big motor” that is used on Black Stallion.

The team was headed to their first show in Rochester, New York as we spoke with them, and Myers is excited about driving Iron Warrior full-time there.

“I am definitely looking forward to it. We updated some things on Iron Warrior and redid the shocks a bit. It has the same combination but is set up better, and I hope it all works out,” he said.

The team also plans on their Monster Motorsports promotion company expanding for the summer season. We thank Trey Myers and the entire Black Stallion/Iron Warrior team for their time.