Harper to remain in business, gains new sponsor

Mike Harper of Carolina Crusher was kind enough to fill AllMonster.com in on what he has been up to lately. Despite rumors that he is stepping out of the sport completely, Harper maintains he will be around for a long time to come. 

“I plan on staying in the sport for sure,” Harper said on Wednesday. “I have been with an ARCA team for three years, and I will continue to be with them in the summer and race Carolina Crusher in the winter. I am just scaling down the number of things I will do with the truck for the summer.” 

He also told us that he has picked up a new sponsor, Mafia Motorsports (www.mafiamoto.com). Mafia Motorsports specializes in apparel ranging from t-shirts to caps, driver apparel, and more. For more information, click the link below or picture above. Mike also mentioned that the merchandise section of the Carolina Crusher site (http://carolinacrusher.com/) will be updated with Mafia Motorsports merchandise and some extra goodies by January 1. We thank Mike Harper and team Carolina Crusher for their time and support.

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