What’s Up With Randy Brown?

AllMonster had the chance to sit down with Grave Digger 18’s Randy Brown and discuss the future of Randy Brown Motorsports, what it’s like to drive Grave Digger, and much more. We thank Randy for his time and support; click the link below for AllMonster’s newest Monster Profile!

Randy Brown – Grave Digger Monster Profile

Joliet Photos Now Online!

Joliet, Illinois monster truck photosPhotos from Joliet, Illinois are now available in the photos section; enjoy, and many more photos are on the way!


Catching Up On Summer

Charlie Pauken Grave DiggerAllMonster.com’s reporters have been busy attending a variety of shows, including Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania, West Lebanon, New York, Owego, New York, and Toledo, Ohio, among others. Photos will be online soon. Here is the rundown on West Lebanon’s first two nights:

Monday evening saw Dennis Anderson sweep racing (beating Maximum Destruction in the final) and freestyle, including an awkward rollover at the end of his run. Paul Cohen also rolled in Pastrana 199, and Charlie Pauken debuted the Tazmanian Devil truck as well. Tuesday has just been completed and Tom Meents’ Maximum Destruction took the racing and freestyle sweep, including one of the closest races in track history on the extremely wet and slippery track. Officials reviewed the tape of the finish between Meents and Anderson for a long time before declaring Meents the winner.

It was a busy week for Charlie Pauken, as he had just finished driving Grave Digger XIV in Toledo, Ohio. Pauken won every competition on the weekend but Friday’s racing, which went to Jimmy Creten’s Bounty Hunter. Pauken raced on a broken ring and pinion after round 1 on the Chicago-style cement course.

In Owego on Sunday, Randy Brown caught some serious air during freestyle after taking a final-round loss to Gun Slinger, then ended up rolling during a donut. Photos from Bloomsburg, Joliet, Owego, Toledo, and more will be online very soon. We thank all of our reporters and helpers for their continued support!

Time Travel to January; Route 66 Nears

Trevor Andrews’ photos from January 29’s Raleigh Monster Jam are now available in the Photos section.

Also, Route 66 Raceway’s monster truck show is all set for this weekend, and AllMonster will be covering the event. A “new” truck will debut at the show as the eighth truck (permission was not given for truck and driver name at this time) in a field that includes Raminator, Rammunition, Sudden Impact, T-Maxx, Eradicator, Airborne Ranger, and Stars and Stripes (Equalizer chassis, coloring contest body).

Team Raminator and the T-Maxx team both sent us press releases regarding Joliet; they are available at the links below:

Dodge Monsters Return to Chicagoland, Bloomsburg (.txt file)

T-Maxx to Generate Fireworks at Route 66 Raceway (Microsoft Word .doc)

We will have the updates from Joliet as soon as possible.

Catching Up…Quincy, Baxter, and More!

AllMonster.com is back to full strength after some computer problems and more, and we’ve got reports from Quincy, Illinois (photo above courtesy Josh Rhodes) and Baxter, Tennesee’s Monster Jams. In Quincy, Carl VanHorn took the wheel of Grave Digger XIX and immediately took a liking to it, winning five of six events on the weekend, his only loss coming to teammate Chad Tingler and Safe Auto during Saturday afternoon racing. Phil Foster had drive shaft issues all weekend, breaking two on the weekend and running the Saturday evening show in two wheel drive. The highlight of the weekend came in Saturday evening’s freestyle. Chad Tingler laid down a blistering run that included two slap wheelies and a cyclone donut. He earned a 29, but VanHorn was one point better with a run that was incredibly varied. Two sets of fast cyclone donuts, two sidewall-scraping saves, and a huge hit on the van stack into a frame-dragging slap wheelie earned VanHorn the win.

Reports from Baxter’s Friday show indicate VanHorn taking another sweep of racing and freestyle. Allen Pezo’s Predator broke a rear steer belt during the finals. More to come.

Photos from Williams Grove Saturday Show Now Up!

monster truck photosThe fans packed the stands at the famed Williams Grove Speedway in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania for an exciting show featuring five great monster trucks. Gary Porter went on to sweep the event, taking the wheelie contest, racing and freestyle. The finals came down to Randy Moore’s War Wizard and Porter in Grave Digger. The race was extremely close but the call went to Grave Digger. The freestyle contest saw a 4-way battle between Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, War Wizard, Bad News and Grave Digger after Rap Attack broke what is believed to be a transmission. All the trucks put on great runs in the “funky” wet to dusty track conditions, but Gary Porter stole the show with his high-speed antics and awesome donuts.

Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania – Monster Jam – June 18, 2005

Photos By: Dustin Hart
Event: Monster Jam
City: Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania
Date: June 18, 2005

Field of Trucks: Bad News (Bruce Haney), Grave Digger (Gary Porter), War Wizard (Randy Moore), Destroyer (Dan Evans), Rap Attack (Dave Rappach), Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle (Brandon Harrington), The Broker (Jim Leahy). [Read more…]

Monster Trucks Return to Williams Grove

The Monster Jam Summer Heat tour is heating up and will be stopping by Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania at the famed Williams Grove Speedway for 3 action-packed events. The 1-800 SAFE AUTO Monster Jam Summer Heat will feature five great monsters: Gary Porter in Grave Digger, Brandon Harrington in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Dave Rappach in Rap Attack, Bruce Haney in Bad New Travels Fast and Randy Moore in War Wizard. AllMonster will be bringing you the action from the Saturday afternoon event as both Dustin Hart and Trevor Andrews will be there covering the event.

Richmond Photos and More!

Stone Crusher Monster truckThanks to Dustin Hart, AllMonster.com has some new material in the form of photos from the Richmond Thunder Nationals way back on March 19. Check them out at the photos section. Highlights included Jason Childress taking a ride in Grave Digger 7 and some great concrete racing. Enjoy!

Monster Trucks ’05 Trading Cards Debut

The first set of monster truck trading cards since 1990 hits the shelves this week. The set of 36 cards exclusively features some of the top independent teams in the world.

Cards will be sold in plastic sleeves with nine cards per sheet. They are packaged numerically to make it easy for fans to collect entire sets in one purchase.

The trading cards will be sold at novelty stands, in shops, and over the internet by the teams that are participating in this year’s set. The theme is “support the independents”, so purchasing a set of cards from your favorite monster truck team directly supports the independents that brought our sport to the phenomenon that it is today!

So support your sport and support your favorite teams! Look for the trading cards at a show near you this summer!

Send an e-mail to rhaught@allmonster.com to preorder your trading cards today! Sheets are $5.00 (9 cards per sheet), sets are $20.00 (all 36 cards), and the list of trucks featured is as follows:


Card – Truck

1 – Gun Slinger
2 – The Broker
3 – Samson
4 – Black Stallion
5 – War Wizard
6 – Avenger
7 – Towasaurus Wrex
8 – Destroyer
9 – Obsession
10 – Brutus
11 – King Krunch
12 – Bad News Travels Fast
13 – Equalizer
14 – Little Miss Dangerous
15 – Devastator
16 – Big Dawg
17 – American Guardian
18 – Cyborg
19 – Iron Warrior
20 – Backdraft
21 – Thrasher
22 – Virginia Giant
23 – Avenger (Orange)
24 – Fullboar
25 – Eradicator
26 – Pure Adrenaline
27 – Boston Big Shot
28 – Tuff Enuff
29 – Shocker
30 – Patrick Enterprises, Inc.
31 – Wild Hair
32 – War Wizard Ride Truck
33 – Michael Vaters Jr FMX
34 – Vintage Collection
35 – El Matador
36 – Vintage Collection