Monster Truck Podcast (MTPC) Episode 1

Monster Truck Podcast (MTPC)

Listen to the Monster Truck Podcast by clicking the image above, or the link HERE. The goal of the Monster Truck Podcast is to bring the monster truck community together and shine the spotlight on great people in the monster truck industry–you’ll get their stories, thoughts, opinions, and ideas about monster trucks and hopefully learn a lot in the process as well. Everything from the smallest independent monster truck team to some of the biggest Monster Jam stars in the sport is featured, and we hold no bias. Check out the first episode, where Robby and Dustin discuss Freestyle scoring and points series in monster trucks, and much more! Be sure to let us know your thoughts on Twitter too!


  1. Michael Williams says:

    Can you have Army Armstrong on your show?

    • I think we’d love to have him on. We’re old school dorks too and grew up watching Army Armstrong. Maybe one day we’ll be able to make it happen. Thanks for listening!

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