Bounty Hunter Doubles Down in Columbus!

Bounty Hunter monster truck

Bounty Hunter won the wheelie contest on Friday in Columbus with a 26 (photo from AllMonster Twitter page)

Our own Jeremy Puglisi was in Columbus, Ohio tonight and filled us in with live updates on Twitter. Now, it’s recap time, as the first night of the monster truck season is in the books. It was all Jimmy Creten and Bounty Hunter, getting 2Xtreme Racing‘s season off to a strong start with victories in both racing and freestyle. Grinder, Madusa, Scarlet Bandit, Illuminator, Samson, Grave Digger, and Superman were all out for the titles tonight.

Creten started the night by walking bounty hunter across the cars, then taking a light rollover for a score of 26 and the wheelie contest victory. After officials ensuring the truck was okay, Creten marched through the racing brackets on the way to a final round matchup with Randy Brown and Grave Digger. Creten would take the victory in a close race and make his way into freestyle, with the other competitors determined not to let him go three for three on the evening.

Superman monster truck

Superman was left with some body damage after night one in Columbus.

After solid runs from the other trucks, including an aggressive effort from Superman and Joey Parnell, Creten came down and laid out a spectacular run, getting a slap wheelie and showcasing the technical brilliance that makes him a threat to win anywhere he goes. When his run was over, the judges scored a 26, leaving some room at the top for Brown and Digger. It was not to be, however, as Digger only managed a 22, and show one of the three-show weekend belonged to Camp Creten. Jeremy and Robert Haught will be on hand for the two-show day tomorrow, and we’ll have more teaser photos very soon! Thanks for stopping by AllMonster and be sure to check back tomorrow for more updates!

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