Great Support Heading Into 2012 Summer – Stinger Sponsors

Stinger monster truckRettew Motorsports shop, Lancaster, PA-Rettew Motorsports is proud to announce a busy summer schedule as well as some exciting team news. It is shaping up to be a busy and exciting second half of 2012 for the team, with new sponsorship, great new fans, and even a new truck on the way.

“The support we’ve gotten recently is tremendous,” owner/driver Zane Rettew said. “I am more excited to be behind the wheel now than ever, and with companies like Pristine Auto, Exhaust Pros, Clutch and Driveshaft, Alliance Equipment, CPS Graphix, and ProThings, it makes life that much easier on us to run the way we want.”

Indeed, that’s quite the list of sponsors. After a recent trip to the Make a Wish Truck Convoy in his home state of Pennsylvania, Rettew and family set to work getting more parts ready for the assembly of a team truck to Stinger, which Rettew is hoping to have ready towards the end of 2012.

“We don’t do anything halfway on this team, “ said Rettew. “My wife and kids, my friends, everyone shares this crazy dream I had and helps me to no end. Now, in addition to the support of family and friends, I have some backing from sponsors and that’s let us get this second truck ready to team up with Stinger. I’m excited!”

That excitement is shared by those on board with Rettew Motorsports, including Pristine Auto Detail from Holtwood, Pennsylvania, Exhaust Pros from Bemidji, Minnesota, and Alliance Equipment and Fiberglass from Youngstown, Ohio. Alliance is going to be supplying us with our new bodies and helping to keep Stinger looking good after a crash by repairing our old ones.

In addition, CPS Graphix has come on board to help with Stinger’s graphics and vinyl, as well as hero cards, posters, and every printing or visual need the team has. They can be found at and we encourage you to check their site out and tell them Stinger sent you!

Monster truck crew shirts

ProThings was announced as a sponsor for Rettew Motorsports’ crew shirts and apparel, and have been nothing but professional ever since. To go along with the great graphics on the side of the truck, when Rettew hops out of it after a dominating freestyle, he’ll be sporting the hottest new crew shirt from ProThings.

He’ll have plenty of chances to do that, as the summer will be a busy one, with stops everywhere from Ohio to Pennsylvania to Texas and everywhere in between. Demand for the Stinger truck has increased dramatically, and All-Star Monster Truck Tour, Monster X Tour, Monster Events, JM Productions, and Outlaw Monster Trucks are just a few of the promoters lining up for a piece of the action. Fans know everywhere Stinger goes, it leaves an impression. Keep your eyes on the web site for more changes and updates, and be sure to check our schedule page for more information.


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