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To Run Like the Best…Monster Truck Freestyle

When I was speaking to Jeremy Slifko of the Backdraft team this past week, he told me something very interesting that made me think about freestyle–“Sometimes, to run like the best, you’ve gotta crash like the best.” What Jeremy meant was not, “I have to wreck my truck to win,” because that’s never what he or most teams are about. The point Jeremy brings up is the risk-taking mentality of monster truck freestyle that is a necessity in order to get a win, particularly on the larger stages in the sport.

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More Detroit

Josh Kirscher was kind enough to send in his photos from Detroit last week; we thank him for his time. He’ll also have a Minneapolis gallery on the way soon, so stay tuned. Head over to the 2012 Photos section for more!

Milwaukee, Wisconsin – Monster Jam – January 21, 2012

Photos By: Brett Moist
Event: Monster Jam
Venue: Bradley Center
City: Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Date: January 21, 2012

Field of Trucks – Iron Man(Lee O’Donnell), Rap Attack  (Dave Rappach), Full Boar (Ed Eckert), Incinerator  (Ryan Rice), and Monster Energy (Damon Bradshaw). [Read more…]

Houston Monster Jam Photos Online

This past weekend was busy as usual for monster trucks, and we have a surprise special contribution from Jeremy Verret, who was kind enough to send us photos from the freestyle-only Houston Monster Jam. Fiesta King Krunch driven by David Smith would emerge victorious in the Wheelie and Freestyle competitions, while Charlie Pauken and Grave Digger took home the Donut contest victory on a night when many trucks suffered breakage or unlucky bounces. Congratulations to Pauken and Smith on their victories, and enjoy the gallery in our 2012 photos section. Thanks to Jeremy for the photos!

Houston, Texas – Monster Jam – January 21, 2012

Photos By: Jeremy Verret
Event: Monster Jam
Venue: Reliant Stadium
City: Houston, Texas
Date: January 21, 2012

Field of Trucks – Grave Digger (Charlie Pauken), Grinder (Nicole Johnson), Superman (Sean Duhon), Predator (Ron Nelson), Prowler (Lenny Kuilder), Fiesta King Krunch (David Smith), Rod Ryan (Daron Basl), Equalizer (Mike Hawkins), Hot Tamale (Troy Rose), Get er Done (Mitch Tulachka), Robo Machine (Shane Phreed), Eradicator (Andy Slifko), Backdraft (Jeremy Slifko), Hot Wheels (Dan Evans), Mountaineer (RB Moler), XXX State of Destruction (Dana Creech). [Read more…]

San Diego, California – Monster Jam – January 21, 2012

Photos By: Kyle Carr
Event: Monster Jam
Venue: Qualcomm Stadium
City: San Diego, California
Date: January 21, 2012

Field of Trucks: Captain USA (Jeff Baitner), El Toro Loco (Marc McDonald), The Felon (Mark Schroeder), Grave Digger (Carl VanHorn), Ice Cream Man (Scott Sweat), Lucas Oil Crusader (Linsey Weenk), M2D Thunder (Andrew Peckham), Metal Mulisha (Todd Leduc), Obsessed (Rick Swanson), The Patriot (Dan Rodoni), Razin Kane (JR McNeal), Shocker (Pat Geber), Son-Uva Digger (Ryan Anderson), Tasmanian Devil (Taryn Laskey), Terminator (Gary Schott), and Time Flys (Kelvin Ramer). [Read more…]

San Diego Teasers and Albany Gallery Online!

Thanks to Kyle Carr (San Diego) and Steve Parry (Albany), we have two awesome galleries online before the new week even starts! Head over to the 2012 Photos section to check them out and relive everything from Linsey Weenk’s racing victory in San Diego to Joe Miller’s dominance of both Albany shows and more! We thank Kyle and Steve for their great monster truck photos.

San Diego, California – January 21, 2012 (Teasers)

Photos By: Kyle Carr
Event: Monster Jam
City: San Diego, California
Date: January 21, 2012

Enjoy these teaser shots from this weekend’s San Diego Monster Jam courtesy Kyle Carr by clicking the More button below!

grave digger 30th anniversary

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Albany Photos Online

Steve Parry was in attendance this weekend for Albany, New York’s Thunder Nationals, and was kind enough to send us his full gallery. Head on over to the photos section and check them out!

high maintenance monster truck

Albany, NY – Monster Jam – January 20, 2012

Photos By: Steve Parry
Event: Monster Jam
Venue: Times Union Center
City: Albany, Ny
Date: January 20, 2012

Field of Trucks: Monster Mutt (Joe Miller), Batman (Norm Miller), High Maintenance (Jocelyn Perrin) , Thrasher (Pat Summa), Shockwave (Bill Braukman), and Illuminator (Jay Snyder). [Read more…]