JDR Blog: Bigfoot’s new sponsorship

Bigfoot “Bessie,” and Sponsorships within the Monster Truck Industry

The Bigfoot team recently announced a partnership with Vi-Cor to campaign a new body for the upcoming Monster Nationals season. Bigfoot “Bessie” as its been dubbed, is obviously not a small money deal for Team Bigfoot, as the truck has its own wrapped hauler to match the truck (see above, courtesy the Bigfoot site). As of now, it’s a two-year agreement between the team and Vi-Cor, and I say good for Bigfoot for securing another sponsorship. Seeing this sponsorship, the hauler, and the wrap on the truckreally makes me think about sponsorship within the sport as a whole, so here are my thoughts.

Team Bigfoot is a proven race team in this sport. Over 35 years competing in many different racing series along the way and securing 29 championships will do that. It’s easy to see why companies like Vi-Cor, E-3 Spark Plugs, and of course Summit Racing Equipment have stuck by this team. However, my question to a company like Vi-Cor or any other company looking to sponsor a team or truck is simple: Why not take a chance on a new team?

The big-name sponsors in this sport seem to always flock to either Feld Motorsports, Team Bigfoot, or The Hall Brothers. Dodge truthfully was one of the last big-name sponsors to take a chance on a team. Even back then though, the Hall Brothers had been around for quite some time and had established themselves as formidable competition for Team Bigfoot in the Four Wheel Jamborees under the Executioner name.

I know there have been some other sponsorships to come down the road the past 12 or so years, like Lucas Oil sponsoring Bobby Holman. However, I don’t consider that to be a “big-money” sponsorship. Why, you ask? Where’s the new semi and hauler wrap for Holman’s team? Not just that, but Lucas Oil also openly sponsors many other teams as well, all the way from Equalizer, to Avenger, to the Crusader in Monster Jam. I’m not trying to make Lucas Oil look bad at all; don’t get me wrong, they’re a great sponsor to have, and provide a great product. They’re just not your typical sponsor because they sponsor everything, from independent drivers, to their own Monster Jam truck.

Sponsors who are interested in monster truck racing, I encourage you to step back and take a look at the talent pool within the industry. Not just the talent from Feld Motorsports, but cruise around to other promoters’ events as well. Take a long, serious, look at most of these teams and decide. Who do you want to bear the name of your product? I’ll even suggest a few teams that are deserving of, and could do a great job to represent a high dollar sponsor:

2Xtreme Racing (Bounty Hunter, Iron Outlaw, and Scarlet Bandit)

Heavy Hitter Monster Truck Racing (Heavy Hitter)

Equalizer Racing (Equalizer and Hot Tamale)

Gun Slinger Monster Truck Racing (Gun Slinger)

King Krunch Racing (King Krunch and El Matador)

Monster Trucks Unlimited (Stone Crusher and Mopar Magic)

Sudden Impact Racing (Amsoil Shock Therapy, Excaliber, Redcat Racing Ground Pounder, Michigan Ice Monster)

Barbarian Racing (Barbarian/Alter Ego)

Those teams, bar none, would loudly and proudly represent a big sponsor, and I’m 100% sure that they would work hard to win with all the money coming in. My recommendation though, would be to sponsor the Heavy Hitter Monster Truck. Derick Anson is one of the hardest-working and nicest guys to ever step into this sport. His truck, Heavy Hitter, is always kept in absolutely beautiful shape, and is clean as a whistle. I’m not just saying this because he flies an Allmonster.com flag on his truck; I’m saying this because it’s the absolute truth. If I had to make one more recommendation though, I’d say 2Xtreme Racing. Jim Creten, in my opinion, is the hardest working man in monster trucks. His focus is always 100% on winning, whether its in racing or freestyle.

Finally, congratulations to Team Bigfoot on their new sponsorship. I just saw this as a jumping off point to talk about sponsorship in the industry, and a downright interesting topic. I’d like some feedback and comments from you guys as well. Who do you think deserves a big money sponsorship in the sport? Who did I leave off this list? Hit up AllMonster.com on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, and e-mail me at jrhodes@allmonster.com. Who knows, you might be in the next JDR Blog! Thanks for reading; Dig out.

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