Joliet, Illinois – Monster Mash – October 6, 2007

Photos By: Robert Haught
Event: Monster Mash
Venue: Route 66 Raceway
City: Joliet, Illinois
Date: October 6, 2007

Field of Trucks: Raminator (Mark Hall), Sudden Impact (Casey Ladelle), Excaliber (Sean Duhon), Eradicator (Andy Slifko), Avenger (Jim Koehler), Brutus (Chris Bergeron), Lil Miss Dangerous (Jocelyn Perrin), and The Felon (Mark Schroeder).

About Robert Haught

Robert Haught has been a fan of monster trucks since age 3 and now works with them in nearly every capacity possible, from designing web sites to crew work to photography and more. Always available to help any team in the industry; he can be reached at 513-383-9293.

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