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Monster Profile: Chris Bergeron

Chris Bergeron - Brutus - Monster ProfileChris Bergeron is best known for some of the most outrageous moves in the sport of monster truck racing. From the cartwheel flip earlier in 2006 at the Georgia Dome to the nosedive he had during World Finals 6 freestyle in Las Vegas, Bergeron has taken many a rough landing. He and teammate Jim Koehler (Avenger) are known for their wild style on the track, especially during freestyle. Bergeron was kind enough to take a few minutes with Josh Rhodes for an interview at the Indianapolis Jamboree. [Read more…]

Quick Indy update.

Josh Rhodes checked in with us for a quick update from the Indianapolis Jamboree, where highlights included Rammunition winning the points championship, Jim Koehler winning in an upset during racing against Bigfoot, and Doug Noelke’s tailgate-dragging slap wheelie in the rain during freestyle. We will have more from Indy and Josh this coming week, including photos, results, and an interview with Brutus driver Chris Bergeron. Congratulations to the Raminator/Rammunition team on their title!