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Cincinnati #MoreMonsterJam Teasers – Night 1

The #MoreMonsterJam tour rolled into Cincinnati, Ohio’s US Bank Arena for the first of three shows on the weekend, and did not disappoint. Colton Eichelberger took top honors in Grave Digger, and it was a wild first night of action. Rollovers from Scooby Doo (twice) and Blue Thunder, as well as a broken rear axle on Monster Mutt Rottweiler and a blown engine on Grave Digger were just some of the noticeable damage. With two shows looming today, the crews will work overtime to make another great day of monster trucks happen. Enjoy some teasers from our own Robby Haught, with full galleries of Friday night and Saturday night’s shows to come:

Cincinnati #MoreMonsterJam Teasers

Cincinnati, Ohio – #MoreMonsterJam – April 10, 2015 TEASERS

Photos By: Robby Haught
Event: #MoreMonsterJam
Venue: US Bank Arena
City: Cincinnati, Ohio
Date: April 10, 2015

Field of Trucks: Blue Thunder (Dalton Millican), Grave Digger (Colton Eichelberger), Max-D (Neil Elliott), Monster Mutt Rottweiler (Daron Basl), NEA Polica (Aaron Basl), and Scooby Doo (Bailey Shea)
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