Press Release: New Awareness Racing Monster Truck Render

@team_survivor monster truck render

For Immediate Release – (Paducah, KY) Awareness Racing owners Ed Dunning and Todd Morey are proud to release the rendering of a brand new monster truck! The new truck name?….@team_survivor

This concept is a community effort by the acclaimed design team of “TEX EFX” owned by “Tex” and Melissa McDorman, as well as Team Owners Ed Dunning and Todd Morey of Awareness Racing, and two powerful “Associate Team” members yet to be released. A preliminary version of this Monster Truck was released at the Orlando Citrus Bowl Monster Jam Event earlier this year. On hand for the private unveiling were several key members of American Cancer Society Relay For Life, based in Florida. With the mutual support of Relay For Life Team(s) management, and the inclusion of Relay for Life Kentucky, the final modifications were made for this very special rendering. A unique team alliance has been forged between Awareness Racing and American Cancer Society.

Monster truck fans, we present to you, the icon of global hope in Cancer Awareness and Research….@team_survivor !

As you view the cutting-edge presentation of the @team_survivor Monster Truck, you begin to notice a few things that have  never been seen before in motorsport design. This truck is dedicated to cancer awareness, as is indicated by the name Survivor, but it does not stop there. While there are over 200 types of cancer identified, there are 23 various color design ribbons on the tailgate of this truck, each representing a major cancer category. As you look closer, you will notice countless faded cancer ribbons within the paint scheme representing the close friends and family that have been lost to this enemy we call cancer. You will also notice the @team_survivor “Victory” sign (no, this is not a “peace” sign)–it indicates our goal of “Victory over Cancer.” Dunning and Morey say, “you will be seeing this Victory sign indicated by both the Driver and the Fans all across America, Mexico, and Canada very soon”.

American Cancer Society is celebrating it’s 100th year in 2013. This is represented by the @team_survivor slogan of “Crushing Cancer for the next 100 Years.” Also on the tailgate, you will notice a spot for a very special picture. This will be of someone that is currently fighting against cancer or a survivor that has beaten the enemy or someone whom has lost the battle but will never be forgotten. This photo will be changed as often as possible to pay tribute to those whom this disease has touched. Awareness Racing owner and cancer survivor Ed Dunning states, “ It is with humble attitude, great honor, and ultimate respect…that the very first photo used on @team_survivor will be of my very close friend, Monster Jam brother, and world renowned Monster Jam announcer, Mr. Joe Lowe.”

In working closely with various motorsports companies across the United States, the Awareness Racing owners have seen and experienced the sharp spike in social media use as a means of promotion. This Monster Truck Team is breaking ground in many different ways. One way in particular is the fact that this truck wears its Twitter handle as the name @team_survivor. Dunning says “ok…..yes I am a dinosaur, but I have an open mind enough to see the future of social media promotion.” Also announced is the new Facebook page, Team Survivor, which will be running within the week.

Another cutting-edge promotion and fund raising avenue for the cause of cancer awareness is a “mobile give” program. The owners both commented, “this team was specifically geared toward the goal of developmental research and awareness to find a cure for cancer”. Here is how it works: just text “CURES” to 41411. This simple format allows monster truck fans, family, and friends to donate a $10 gift to @team_survivor, benefiting the American Cancer Society Relay for Life. This gift can be charged to any Credit Card, Debit, or PayPal account. You can also set up recurring monthly gifts, or opt for one time donations. Dunning says “not only are you honoring a family member or friend with cancer, but you are helping to spread the word of awareness and research in the developments toward a cure……this thing is global.”

Co-owner Morey said, “Awareness Racing will be partnering with an established, championship-caliber team. We are simply planning, dotting the I’s and crossing the T’s at this point. Our alliance team members are great people, a name you both know and trust, with an incredible work ethic. We are excited to announce this association in the very near future!”

Stay tuned: there is much more to come from the Awareness Racing camp!


  1. Sarah Lowe says:

    You may be able to tell from my last name but Joe Lowe was my uncle! He was an incredible man and being able to see how many people felt the same way warms my heart ! I am overwhelmed that he has been chosen as the first photo on the monster truck, “Survivor.” Does anyone know if the truck has already been released or when it will be? I would love to be able to frame photos for the family !

    • Tyler Officer says:

      Yes, the truck is ready to roll according to their Facebook page! Very awesome truck for a great cause!

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