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Surprise Duqoin Update! Bear Foot Loses a Wheel and More!

Josh Rhodes has checked in with us on a surprise update from the Shafer Motorsports show in Duquoin, Illinois this weekend. At the 3:00 show,  Bear Foot (driven by Larry Swim) lost a wheel in mid-jump during freestyle at the small arena. The tire bounced off the retaining fence and came down and hit the Monster Patrol ride truck. Everyone was OK, and Bear Foot’s freestyle was easily the strongest of the night.

Other notes from the show include Ozzmonster (driven by Woodcock) rolling in qualifying and Bear Foot winning racing over Captain USA (Rodney Tweedy). A multitude of photos from various summer shows will be online as soon as possible. Enjoy!

Houghton Update

The Houghton County Fair in Michigan played host to an exciting show this weekend featuring Avenger, Brutus, Project X, Devastator, and Lil’ Miss Dangerous. Chris Bergeron and Brutus had a successful weekend that turned upside down during a roll in freestyle (pictured above). Before the roll, however, Bergeron won the wheelie contest in a cheer-off with Jocelyn Perrin’s Lil’ Miss Dangerous, then defeated Perrin again in the racing final. Jim Koehler’s Avenger followed Bergeron’s hard roll in freestyle with an outstanding run that lasted for upwards of four minutes and was filled with slap wheelies and big air throughout. Thanks to the Houghton Fair for their hospitality!

Birch Run Photos Online

AllMonster is still catching up on a multitude of summer photos. Two shows we have attended recently are Columbus, Nebraska and Birch Run, Michigan. Enjoy the galleries from Birch Run below:

Birch Run

Stafford Springs, Connecticut – Monster Jam – August 21, 2005

Photos By: James Hannon
Event: Monster Jam
City: Stafford Springs, Connecticut
Date: August 21, 2005

Field of Trucks: Taz (Charlie Pauken), Blue Thunder (Carl VanHorn), Eradicator (Andy Slifko), Maximum Destruction (Tom Meents), Grave Digger (Dennis Anderson), Destroyer (Dan Evans), Hot Wheels (Rob Knell), Stone Crusher (Gary Wiggins).

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Summer Sizzlin’ in Birch Run and Monster Jam Europe News!

It was a wild weekend in Birch Run, Michigan at the Dixie Motor Speedway. The two day event featured Randy Brown in Grave Digger, Jim Koehler in Avenger, Chris Bergeron in Brutus, Dan Evans in Destroyer and Andy Slifko in Eradicator. Chris Bergeron took the first wheelie contest of the weekend by standing the pooch on the tailgate, planting it in the end of the set of cars. In racing it was a course a little different from the norm in a V-shape. Koehler was the early favorite as he took the fastest qualifying spot. He and Brown would both advance to the final where Brown took the win by a truck length. In freestyle the high-flying antics and a long, walking slap wheelie earned Koehler a 27 and the Saturday night win; just getting past Randy Brown, who scored a 25. Sunday afternoon saw Jim Koehler take the wheelie contest by 1 point over Dan Evans in Destroyer after clearing all the cars and pulling up a slap wheelie that earned him a 28. Freestyle was wild with Randy Brown once again taking the win with some wild launches off of the van stack and some insane cyclone donuts on the concrete surface. In racing it was all Randy Brown as he took the fastest qualifier spot and went to the finals, where he would again face Jim Koehler with similar results as he swept the racing weekend. 

In Manchester, England the monsters rolled into the M.E.N Arena for a four-show weekend and what a weekend it was. The events were in Thunder Nationals format and made for some great action. Clear Channel Entertainment sent six trucks-Carl VanHorn in Grave Digger, Madusa, George Balhan’s Escalade, Lupe Soza in El Toro Loco, Bobby Zee in Monster Mutt, and Chad Fortune in Superman.  The Friday night event saw Carl VanHorn take the wheelie contest earlier in the evening and win racing over Madusa. Chad Fortune spun the Superman into a 29 which gave him the donut contest win. In freestyle Bobby Zee would take the win with a 26 after a crowd cheer-off between he and VanHorn. The Saturday afternoon event saw Carl VanHorn dominate as he took the donut and freestyle contest, then won the racing portion of the event over Chad Fortune. Lupe Soza disrupted VanHorn’s chances of a sweep by taking a wheelie contest win with a 26. Later that evening the third event of the weekend took place and VanHorn once again took three of the four events with wins in the donut contest, freestyle and racing. He took a close win in the finals over a hard-charging George Balhan. Chad Fortune racked up his 2nd donut contest win of the weekend as well. Sunday’s wheelie contest saw VanHorn rack up his third wheelie win for the weekend. In racing it came down to Soza and VanHorn with VanHorn taking the win. The donut was also taken by VanHorn but mechanical difficulties sidelined him for the rest of the night. In freestyle it was Lupe Sosa who stepped up and took the win in a cheer off between he and Madusa. The tour continues this weekend in Birmingham, England. For more information visit

Birch Run, MIchigan – Monster Jam August 12-13, 2005

Photos By: Robert Haught
Event: Monster Jam
City: Birch Run, Michigan
Date: August 12-13, 2005

Field of Trucks: Avenger (Jim Koehler), Brutus (Chris Bergeron), Destroyer (Dan Evans), Eradicator (Andy Slifko), and Grave Digger (Randy Brown). [Read more…]