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World Finals 6 Freestyle Champion Speaks Out – Creten’s Thoughts caught up with World Finals 6 Freestyle Champion Jimmy Creten of Bounty Hunter recently and got his thoughts on winning the title, what his plans are for next season, and much more. We thank Jimmy for his time; the interview can be seen by clicking the link below:


TMS Milwaukee Highlights

Torgeson Motorsports (TMS) came to Milwaukee for two days of action this weekend, and the first night started with a bit of excitement from Kevin Poore in Project X. Poore stood the truck straight up on the cars in the wheelie contest (see photo from Robert Haught above) and took a soft roll to the right to begin the night. Mark Schroeder and Devastator would win the wheelie contest at his hometown show. Racing would be next, and Devastator would make the finals against Dan Runte’s Summit Bigfoot, with Runte taking the win. Geremie Dishman in Raminator and Devastator would make the freestyle finals after each truck ran once, and Dishman’s hits on the vans and a donut on the tacky track sealed his victory. More photos and coverage from Milwaukee will be available soon, along with Vegas photos and more, but that’s not all. will be in Milwaukee again for tonight’s final TMS show, and will have the scoop there too!

Las Vegas World Finals Report

We have received another report with some more information on Vegas, and have the racing brackets and freestyle scores for those of you that missed them (original brackets and photos from; the link to the racing brackets is above, as are freestyle scores below:


1. Bounty Hunter-31 (tiebreaker 37)
2. Blue Thunder-31 (tiebreaker 36)
3. King Krunch-27
3. Black Stallion-27
5. Destroyer-26
6. Scarlet Bandit-25
6. Escalade-25
6. Avenger-25
9. Superman-24
9. Monster Mutt-24
11. Power Forward-23
11. Grave Digger-23
13. Maximum Destruction-22
14. Brutus-20
14. Pastrana 199-20
14. Hot Wheels-20
17. Black Smith-18
18. Madusa-13
19. El Toro Loco-8
20. Gunslinger-DNS

Reports indicate that a majority of the trucks finished their allotted time or close to it in freestyle, and most trucks were also able to drive off the track afterwards. Jim Koehler finished his freestyle run and took a refreshing swim in the rock pile pool. It rained during the entire racing portion of the program, but stopped during freestyle. Madusa had lane choice in the finals against Dennis Anderson and Grave Digger, and was simply quicker through the turn and took the victory. We congratulate every driver at the world finals and thank our reporters for their help; keep checking back for more!

Congratulations Bounty Hunter and Madusa! would like to congratulate Jimmy Creten (Bounty Hunter) and Madusa (Madusa); Madusa took the racing title at last night’s World Finals and Jimmy Creten won the freestyle after a tiebreaker with Tony Farrell’s Blue Thunder. Congratulations to both drivers!

Around the USHRA, AllMonster-Style

AllMonster is awaiting their reporters and photographers from Vegas to come back, and will have information on that as soon as possible, however, there were some interesting stories at other USHRA events this weekend as well, and AllMonster has the scoop thanks to a few other reporters! In Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, the drivers’ meeting is just now concluding, and results from the first three shows are as follows:

Friday-Wheelie Contest-Grave Digger XIV

Racing-American Guardian

Freestyle-Grave Digger XIV

Saturday-Wheelie Contest-Grave Digger XIV

Racing-Grave Digger XIV

Freestyle-Grave Digger XIV

Saturday evening-Wheelie Contest-Safe Auto


Freestyle-Grave Digger XIV

In the Saturday afternoon show, Safe Auto won the wheelie contest, damaging the body slightly. Reports are that driver Chad Tingler was past vertical on his wheelie, and received a perfect 30, as did Grave Digger XIV. Carl VanHorn of Grave Digger said that no cheer-off was necessary and to give the win to Tingler; he deserved it!

In other action,’s Dustin Hart and Trevor Andrews have the scoop from last night’s show, where Virginia Giant won the Racing, Donut, and Freestyle competitons, and Jason Childress (Subbing for Rod Schmidt) in Grave Digger 7 won the Wheelie contest. More to come!

Lawton, Oklahoma – Extreme Monster Truck Nationals – March 20, 2005

Photos By: Jim Mace
Event:Extreme Monster Truck Nationals
City: Lawton, Oklahoma
Date: March 20, 2005

Field of Trucks: Wild Hair (Ray Mowery), Project X (Kevin Poore), Bigfoot, Equalizer (Mike Hawkins). [Read more…]

Report from the World Finals in Vegas

AllMonster has received the first report from Las Vegas, with updated information on qualifying and much more! Jimmy Creten and Bounty Hunter was the fast qualifier as the only truck to break the 16-second barrier Friday night, while many drivers suffered mechanical troubles or errors in their official qualifying runs after stellar practice runs. Tom Meents in Maximum Destruction fell to the bottom of the bracket after getting on two wheels in the final turn, and teammate Phil Foster had drive train problems that only allowed him to drive the broken truck to register a time instead of going all out. The team was up until about 2:30 this morning making repairs, among them changing planetaries in Maximum Destruction. Jim Koehler rolled after tapping the breaks on his landing to avoid a date with the rock pile, and Team Avenger/Brutus pulled an all-nighter, making repairs until 5:00 this morning. The pit party is now underway, and the drivers’ meeting had some interesting events. The left lane will be moved up five feet to combat the advantage of trucks usually winning in the right lane, although the lanes seemed even in qualifying yesterday. It was a near unanimous vote by the drivers to do such a thing. In freestyle, if a truck is stopped on top of an obstacle, the track crew will be given three minutes to remove it, and if it cannot be removed, it becomes “fair game” as was the case last year. The weather is cold, windy, and a slight possibility of rain today, making for an interesting day of excitement as we near the big show. We wish all the trucks and drivers in Vegas good luck, and hope to have reports and photos by later tonight or earlier tomorrow!

Cincinnati, Ohio – Monster Jam – March 19, 2005

Photos By: Paul Harry
Event: Monster Jam
Venue: US Bank Arena
City: Cincinnati, Ohio
Date: March 19, 2005

Field of Trucks: Grave Digger (Gary Porter), War Wizard (Randy Moore), Lil’ Miss Dangerous (Jocelyn Perrin), Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle (Brandon Harrington), Samson (Dan Patrick), Rap Attack (Dave Rappach). [Read more…]

Richmond, Virginia – Monster Jam – March 19, 2005

Photos By: Dustin Hart
Event: Monster Jam
Venue: Richmond Coliseum
City: Richmond, Virginia
Date: March 19, 2005

Field of Trucks: Stone Crusher (Gary Wiggins), Grave Digger (Jason Childress), Virginia Giant (Diehl Wilson), Bad News (Bruce Haney), Aftershock (Bob Robbins), Annihilator (Greg Adams). [Read more…]

Las Vegas, Nevada – Monster Jam World Finals 6 – March 19, 2005

Photos By: Andrew Ellingwood
Event: Monster Jam
Venue: Sam Boyd Stadium
City: Las Vegas, Nevada
Date: March 19, 2005

Field of Trucks: Field of Trucks: Avenger (Jim Koehler), Brutus (Chris Bergeron), Pastrana 199 (Paul Cohen), Bounty Hunter (Jim Creten), Scarlet Bandit (Dawn Creten), Black Stallion (Mike Vaters), Black Smith (Pablo Huffaker), Blue Thunder (Tony Farrell), Destroyer (Dan Evans), Escalade (George Balhan), El Toro Loco (Lupe Soza), Hot Wheels (Phil Foster), Monster Mutt (Bobby Z), Power Forward (Frank Krmel), King Krunch (David Smith), Grave Digger (Dennis Anderson), Maximum Destruction (Tom Meents), Madusa, Superman (Chad Fortune)
[Read more…]