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More news from Team Predator’s newest Monster Profile with Allen Pezo is now available for viewing. Pezo talked about his success this season, his future in the sport, and much more. Enjoy! Scott Bryant’s article on Team Predator is still available in the News Archives section of the site. would like to thank Allen and Diane Pezo for their time and support.

Monster Profile: Allen Pezo

Allen Pezo was kind enough to give us his time for interviews with Scott Bryant and Robert Haught. Scott’s recent article on AllMonster with Allen includes a great deal of information on Pezo’s trucks and history. Allen also asked us to let the fans know that is being redesigned and will be fully functional soon. We thank Allen for his time and courtesy. [Read more…]

Predator Racing Times Two!

Scott Bryant was kind enough to send us an interview with Allen and Diane Pezo of Predator Racing.

[Read more…]

Eradicator Display Truck and More

Andy Slifko’s Eradicator display truck is up and running, and Andrew Palochko was kind enough to send a few shots over.

This weekend the team is headed to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania for a display at Cerini’s Harley Davidson, one of Slifko’s sponsors. should have some pictures from the display after the weekend. Check for more information on both the display and race trucks! 

Monster Profile: Trey Myers

Trey Myers - Iron Warrior - Monster Profile

(Photo Courtesty of Aaron Cromer)

Trey Myers started his career in monster trucks through Mike Vaters of Black Stallion, working his way through the ranks of being a crew member until getting a chance to drive Vaters’ Battle Kat tank. After an injury to Vaters put Myers into driving duty in Black Stallion, Myers had his chance. After Vaters recovered, the Iron Warrior truck came into Team Black Stallion’s possession through a lease with the owner, Glenn Bowlin. Trey was kind enough to sit down with us for an interview; we thank him for his time. [Read more…]

Black Stallion/Iron Warrior Update

Black StallionTrey Myers of Iron Warrior was kind enough to speak with AllMonster today and update us on what is going on with the Black Stallion and Iron Warrior trucks. “It looks like Iron Warrior and Black Stallion will be a unit for the winter season and travel to all the shows together,” said Myers. “I will probably be doing most of the driving, and Glenn Bowlin may still drive occasionally also.”

The team has been working on a variety of things, including a new race truck for Vaters. Myers said Team Black Stallion and Iron Warrior hope to be competing at a lot of Thunder Nationals and small Monster Jam shows as well. Look for more from Myers soon; he will be the subject of our next Monster Profile, and there will be plenty more new information there! would like to thank Trey for taking time out to talk with us.